About Me

I love being a photographer. I love creating compelling, lasting images. I love documenting the actions, emotions, and events that are unfolding before me while I pretend to be a fly on the wall. FlickFoto was established in 2005, and is now re-branded under my own name.

I love being a graphic designer. Creating illustrations and materials that help business owners and individual contributors make the most of their dreams and endeavors is very satisfying.

Beyond all that, here’s a little more about me…

I don’t pretend to be anybody I’m not. I have not and will not pretend I’m an expert in print or web design, photography, or anything you see here. But, I do attempt create the best work that I possibly can for my clients and myself, to the best of my ability at that time, under those circumstances.

My family comes first. I was a July bride and was fortunate enough to marry my soulmate, Sean (my very own real-life Indiana Jones). We have a ‘son’ Marley, a 12 year old pitt-lab mix, a daughter Olivia, 4, and Jack, who is 6 months old. (Yikes, where does the time go!?!) We love watching television and movies together and enjoy listening to music (our first concert together was Violent Femmes). I’m originally from Ulster County, New York and began my photography career in North Carolina, where I met Sean. We relocated in 2009 to the Philadelphia area.

I love to read, especially Scandinavian literature, and wish we could take more vacations (I’d love to go to the Mediterranean). I learned to snowboard in West Virginia. I’ve photographed weddings in eight states. I am an active Board Member with Allens Lane Art Center in Mount Airy.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, and a Master’s degree in Documentary Photography which I completed in 2009. Working in such an intense way for towards my MFA project truly opened my eyes to a new way of documenting the world and working with clients. But more than anything else I learned more about myself and how important it was for me to be a photographer, not only for my clients, but for myself.

Sometimes I am asked what makes me ‘different’ from other photographers or designers … My answer is simple. It’s me. You are receiving the benefit of my experience, my eyes, my design, my quirks, my random ideas–me. I am just as unique as the people I photograph and the businesses I work with.